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Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) Home Page
Getting Started
SADA Overview
Installing SADA
A First Look
Control Panel
Graphics Window
Sada Files
Creating a SADA File
Data Requirements
Visualization and Data Management
Graphical Displays
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Legend Manager
Zooming, Shifting, and Restoring
Three Dimensional Visualization
Space Definition Manager (SDM)
Polygonal Reconciliation
Pooling Data
Contaminant Manager
Data Editor
Adding A New Contaminant
Data Query
Query By Date
Set Data Levels
Duplicate Resolution
Data Exploration Tools
Statistical Analysis
Screening Data
Human Health Risk Assessment
Setting Up Risk
Delete Human Health Analysis
Toxicological Links
Risk Parameters
Set Statistics
Preliminary Remediation Goals (PRGs)
Screening Data Against Risk
Calculating Risk
Spatial Risk Issues
Risk Scenario Selection Window
Risk Equations
Ecological Risk Assessment
Ecological Risk Configuration
Browse Ecological Benchmarks
Ecological Benchmark Screening
Spatial Ecological Maps
Ecological Benchmarks
Terrestrial Wildlife Exposure Modeling
Custom Analysis
Setup Custom Analysis
Delete Custom Analysis
Rematching Custom Contaminants
Set Custom Screening Statistics
Custom Values
Screening Data Against Custom Values
Using Custom Analysis Results
Geospatial Methods
Overview of Geospatial Modeling
Setting Up The Grid
Nearest Neighbor
Natural Neighbor
Inverse Distance
Ordinary Kriging
Indicator Kriging
Spatial Correlation
Modeling Spatial Correlation
Defining a Neighborhood
Decision Frameworks
Overview of Decision Frameworks
Decision Basis
Decision Scale
Estimation Maps
Variance Maps
Risk Maps
Probability Maps
Dose Maps
Area of Concern Maps
Cost Benefit Analysis
Secondary Sampling Schemes
Auto Documentation