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Set Data Levels


The data levels manager in SADA versions 1 and 2 has been replaced in version 3 and moved to the Data tab on the Control Panel.



Here, the data levels manager actually participates in the data query actions. SADA looks at the lowest and highest level values for each direction (X, Y, and Z) and constrains the data query to be within these limits. Users may manually define levels to display varying intervals, similar to versions 1 and 2.


To add a new level, press the New button and SADA presents the Edit Data Level window.



Enter the new level in the text box and press OK. SADA will automatically update and sort the list of levels in the Data tab. To edit an existing level, select that level from the list and press Edit. Change the level to the new value and press OK. To delete a level, select that level from the list and press Delete. Note that there must always be at least two levels. For two-dimensional data, these levels will often be the same value.


After adding, editing, or deleting a data level, SADA will reset the Graphics window to the data view.


To set up the layer scheme for modeling results, see Setting Up The Grid.


Note: If you are using spatial definitions [Space Definition Manager (SDM)], it is more efficient to set the data view layers equal to the modeling grid design so that transferring definitions between data plots and modeling plots will not require polygonal reconciliation.