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U.S. EPA Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments Program. The representative effect concentration selected from among the ER-Ls and TELs for Hyalella azteca and Chironomus riparius are presented in EPA (1996). The TEC is the geometric mean of the 15th percentile in the effects data set and the 50th percentile in the no effects data set. It is a concentration that represents the upper limit of the range dominated by no effects data. Concentrations above the TEC may result in adverse effects to these organisms; concentrations below the TEC are unlikely to result in adverse effects. The majority of the data are for freshwater sediments. These are possible-effects benchmarks.


EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) 1996. Calculation and evaluation of sediment effect concentrations for the amphipod Hyalella azteca and the midge Chironomus riparius. EPA 905/R96/008. Great Lakes National Program Office, Chicago, IL. (