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Set Ecological Statistics


SADA Version 3 allows the user to select the statistical approach for calculating screening values and exposure concentrations.


From the Ecological menu, select Configure Ecological Risk and then Set Screening Statistics or Set Exposure Statistics.



SADA opens one of the following windows.



Select the desired statistical approach and press the OK button. The different approaches are defined as follows:


• Maximum Value – the maximum concentration, detected or nondetected, for normal or lognormal distribution

• Maximum Detected Value – the maximum detected concentration for normal or lognormal distribution


• UCL95 – the 95% upper confidence limit on the mean for normal or lognormal distribution


• Mean – the average concentration over all values for normal or lognormal distribution


Note: For screening calculations, the maximum detected value is the default option while for exposure calculations, the lesser of the maximum detected value and the UCL95 is the default option.

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