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Show Benchmark Table


To display a table of available benchmarks, make sure that your analysis type is set to Ecological and the desired contaminant and media are selected in the secondary toolbar.



This will activate the Ecological menu so that you can select Benchmark Table.





A media-dependent form will then be displayed that will allow you to check the desired benchmarks. The following example displays the form for surface water.



Click in the checkboxes for each benchmark type to display the value in the bottom of the window. If the benchmark is a function of a given property (organic carbon, pH, hardness, or water type), then its display will be bolded. If you change one of these properties, then you must click the recalculate button in order to update the results.


The buttons on the toolbar at the top allow a number of different operations to be performed with this data:



Print — Prints the data set.



Copy to File — Saves the data set in comma-delimited format.



Add to Report — Adds information to an auto-documentation report.



Copy to Clipboard — Copies information to the clipboard. It may then be pasted into most Windows applications.



Export to Excel — Open an instance of and export the information to Excel.