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Decision Tab


The Decision tab provides the parameters associated with SADA’s decision-making frameworks. See Overview of Decision Frameworks.







There are two primary types of information on this tab: the decision basis and decision scale. The third type is the cost to remediate a single block, as defined in the Geo tab.


The decision basis provides the framework for screening data, constructing remedial design maps (area of concern maps), or performing cost benefit analysis. When General is the current analysis, SADA uses the General Analysis Goal as the decision basis (see Concentration Basis); actions are based on the concentration amount entered in the box.


Otherwise, the framework reflects the currently selected analysis (e.g., Human Health, Ecological, Custom). When ecological risk has been setup, the decision tab has additional buttons that relate to ecological decision for relevant media.  See Analysis Based Option for more information.





An explanation of decision scale requires some further reading. For a detailed explanation of Scale and Basis, see Overview of Decision Frameworks, Site Scale, and Block Scale.