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Layering Approach


In this approach, the 3D is split into slices which may be viewed one at a time. The depth of these layers is defined either by the Data Level Manager (Set Data Levels) or by defining the grid (Setting Up The Grid).


In the following image, the 3D volume is divided into layers and shown one at a time.



Under the layer control approach, there are three separate views available: Easting-Northing, Easting-Depth, and Northing-Depth. Under the Easting-Northing view, you may view one Depth layer at a time. Under the Easting-Depth view, you may view one Northing layer at a time, and similarly for the Northing-Depth view you may view one Easting layer at a time. These separate views are available by selecting Graphics from the main menu, then Perspective and finally the required view. Note that polygons are available only under the Easting-Northing View.