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Screening Data Against Custom Values


With custom analysis, users may import external data into SADA to use for screening purposes. For example, a user may wish to screen data against state soil screening values. To change the screening statistical approach, see Set Statistics.The results may then be integrated into the other modules, such as decision maps, cost benefit analysis, or secondary sampling schemes. First the external data must be imported into SADA through the Setup Custom Analysis process.


Once setup is complete, SADA will determine which data points in the current SADA file exceed the Custom Values. To view this information, select the contaminant (select Pooled Data to screen all) and media of interest from the secondary toolbar. Then, from the Custom menu, select Custom Screen Table. This information is displayed in the following window.



The Custom Screen Table toolbar functions are as follows.



Print – Prints risk results (PRGs, Screenings, Risk).



Copy to Clipboard – Copies current image to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into most Windows packages.



Copy to File – Copies risk results (PRGs, Screenings, Risk) to file.



Add to Report – Copies results to a report.



Export to Excel – Automatically dumps spreadsheet to an Excel file.