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This sampling scheme simply allows the user to add and delete sample points where professional judgment suggests. It is not based on any mathematical models or existing data points. When using the judgmental design for the first time, (New) will appear in the drop down box on the Sampling tab of the Control Panel. When (New) is selected, SADA will prepare to construct a new judgmental sample design. With judgmental selected, press the new sample button . A Refresh button will appear in the graphics window.



With the mouse, left click onto those locations you wish new samples to be taken. A large circle with cross hatching will appear. To move a new sample point, left click onto it and while holding the mouse down drag the sample to its new location. To delete a sample, left click on the new sample point and press the delete key.



While you are adding, moving, and deleting new sample points, the other options in SADA become disabled. To enable them again and review the sample design just created, press the Refresh button. When the judgmental sample design is complete, press the Refresh button and then click another SADA function. When creating a new design, SADA will prompt the user for a name for the design. This name will then appear in the drop down list next to the Judgmental design option. Remember, as with all SADA results, press the save button to save the design for the next time the file is opened.