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Setting Up The Grid


Before any type of geospatial modeling or related decision analysis framework may be applied, the site must be partitioned into a grid or block system (three if depth exists). The grid or block size must be defined in the Geo tab of the Control Panel.



The width corresponds to the block size along the easting direction, the length is the block size along the northing direction, and the depth is the vertical size.


SADA then calculates a global grid, which extends to the minimum and maximum value taken over all data in all three coordinates. This is the preferred choice for defining any grid system as it allows for spatially summing risks over analytes easily and consistently. SADA then calculates the sub grid that encompasses all associated data points in all three coordinates for the current analyte of interest. The user may view the grid by pressing Grid button on the toolbar.



Under the grid view, the user may then refine the spatial boundaries with the use of polygons to include or exclude blocks from analysis. If the grid is three-dimensional, then the user may view subsequent levels of the grid with the Higher and Lower Level Buttons.



Once the site has been partitioned, one of the five geospatial models may be applied. See Overview of Geospatial Modeling.