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Use the Information Button


To retrieve information from the SADA file or from the modeling results, click the Information Button on the main toolbar while the image is in view. If you are interested in retrieving information about a selected region of the modeling results or data points, capture these points with polygons.


The following window shows the results of pressing the information button for a Pooled data set. (See Pooling Data.)



If there are resolved duplicated in the data set, the Information Retrieval window displays these points as blue entries. All field values not related to coordinate or value will contain asterisks.



Click on a blue entry to display the Duplicate Data window.



This window displays the information for all duplicate values at that point and explains the method used to resolve them. (See Duplicate Resolution.)


For modeling results, select the modeling region and press the Information Button. In this window, each row represents information about the modeled block (see Setting Up The Grid). The first three columns show the row, column, and z layer position of the block. The next three columns show the location of the center of the block in coordinate values. The final column shows the modeled value for this block. For more information, see Overview of Geospatial Modeling.



The following buttons appear in the Information Retrieval window.



Print – Prints the grid to the printer.



Copy To File – Copies grid contents to a comma delimited text file.



Auto-Add Report – Adds grid results to a report.



Copy to Clipboard – Copies the current image to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into most Windows packages.



Export to Excel – Automatically dumps the spreadsheet to an Excel file.