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Set Terrestrial Contaminant Parameters


Many of the parameters used in modeling dose to wildlife receptors are chemical-specific rather than species-specific. For species-specific parameters, see Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters. Custom values for contaminant-specific parameters can be entered in the Set Terrestrial Modeling Contaminant Parameters window. These parameters are used in modeling dose to each receptor from selected pathways.


To view (and change if desired) current contaminant-specific exposure parameters, from the Ecological menu, select Configure Ecological Risk, and Set Terrestrial Modeling Contaminant Parameters.



In the resulting window, select an analyte from the drop down list.



To change a parameter value, click on the box corresponding to that parameter, and enter the value. When you’ve finished modifying the parameters for the species, click the Save Changes button, and the changes will be saved to your SADA file. Otherwise, changes will not be saved.


It is very important to use the appropriate units for all parameters.


Log Octanol-Water Partitioning Coefficient (log Kow)

Inhalation Parameters

Soil-to-Plant Concentration

Dermal Contact Parameters

Soil-to-Invertebrate Concentration

Soil-to-Small Mammal Concentration

Diet-to-Small Mammal Concentration

Sources for soil-to-plant concentration regressions and bioaccumulation factors

Sources for soil-to-invertebrate concentration regressions and bioaccumulation factors

Sources for soil-to-mammal and diet-to-mammal regression models and bioaccumulation factors