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Graphics Window


The Graphics Window shows graphical results of a data plot, contouring map, or any type of modeling results. The Graphics Window provides different interactive functions depending on the type of display. Many of these functions are accessible through a pop up menu found by right mouse clicking over the window.


To open the Graphics window, select Graphics Box from the View menu. (Note: this window is open as a default in SADA.) To close the window, deslect this option from the Viewmenu.




To open popup memu, place the mouse over the window and press the right mouse button.



Functions are disabled or enabled depending on the current plot configuration.


For all graphics, Format and Print are available. The Format function allows the user to format the title, labels, etc. of the graphic. See Formatting. The Print function prints the current graphic to the printer.


The Zoom In, Zoom Out, Restore, and Shift Picture buttons will be available on all graphics except for cost curves. See Zooming, Shifting, and Restoring.


Copy Polygon and Paste Polygon are available when polygon structures have been drawn. See Polygons.


Cost Line Pointer On and Cost Line Query are available for reading cost graph information when that option has been chosen.


For information on graphical interfaces, see Geographic Information System (GIS) and Polygons.