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Legend Manager


SADA allows users to modify the legends that control the color range of data and result output. Two types of legends are permitted.




An unbroken color band that ranges from dark purple through a spectrum to bright red. Continuous legends can be customized by manually stretching or compressing a subset of the colorband.








Categorical legends permit the user to break the legend into a series of ranges or categories with set names and colors.







To control and create new legends, access the Legend Manager by choosing the View menu and then Legend Manager. You can also access it by right mouse clicking on the legend itself. The Legend Manager window appears.







At the top of the Legends window, a drop down box appears containing the default legend types and any user defined types already created. Select a legend in this box and press the Apply button.


To create a legend, select (New Continuous Palette) or (New Categorical) from the drop down box. SADA responds with the following window.







All new legends are based on a existing legend. Type the name of the new legend in the top entry box and select the legend it will be based on in the lower drop down box.


Customizing Continuous Legends

Customizing Categorical Legends