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1. NOAA’s National Status and Trends Program. Sediment Quality Guidelines. As presented on NOAA web page at, 4/26/2000. (Values for As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Hg, Ni, Ag, total DDT, total PCBs, and total PAH were obtained from this source.)


2. Long, E. R., D. D. MacDonald, S. L. Smith, and F. D. Calder. 1995. “Incidence of Adverse Biological Effects within Ranges of Chemical Concentrations in Marine and Estuarine Sediments,” Environ. Manage.19: 81-97. (Values for metals and organics not listed in 1 or 3 were obtained from this source.)


3. Long, E. R. and L. G. Morgan. 1991. The Potential for Biological Effects of Sediment-Sorbed Contaminants Tested in the National Status and Trends Program, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Tech. Memorandum NOS OMA 52, August 1991. Seattle, Washington. (Values for DDD, DDT, Antimony, Chlordane, Dieldrin, and Endrin were obtained from this source.)