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Cost Benefit Analysis


An important component to decision analysis software is cost/benefit analysis. This may be translated as payoff per level of effort. In a cost/benefit analysis, the level of effort or cost required to achieve a desired goal is modeled or estimated. Often, if the goal is numerically definable and ranges over a set of values, cost benefit curves incrementally show how cost increases, decreases, or fluctuates across an increasing range of goal values through an XY graph. SADA provides cost/benefit curves for a range of remedial action goals. These goals may range over the minimum and maximum sample values or may range over the corresponding human health risk values, Ecological Benchmark ratios, or Custom Values.


To utilize the cost benefit tool in SADA, you must specify the following parameters in the Decision tab of the Control Panel: Decision Scale, Cost per block, and up to three Confidence levels (if ordinary kriging or indicator kriging). Following these entries, press the Cost button on the main toolbar.