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Contaminant Manager


The Contaminant Manager provides the flexibility to remove or add contaminants to the analysis. For example, environmental assessments often result in a subset of contaminants identified as contaminants of concern, or COCs. These COCs become the focus of the analysis, and all other contaminants are given less attention. With the Contaminant Manager, non-COCs can be removed from further analysis, allowing the user to concentrate only on the COCs.


To access the Contaminant Manager, select Contaminant Manager from the Tools menu in the main SADA window. The following window appears.







Select the media of interest from the drop down box in the upper left corner. Contaminants that are currently included in the analysis for this media appear in the left box and unincluded contaminants appear in the right box. Select one or more contaminants in either block and use the arrow buttons to move them between boxes. In the example above, Ac-225 will no longer be included in further analysis for SW media. At any time, another media choice can be made. When finished, press the OK button.


When a contaminant is excluded from further analysis, the following occurs:


1) Unincluded contaminants no longer appear in the contaminant combo box in the main SADA window.


2) Data are re-pooled for this media and a new set of unique sampling points using all included contaminant samples is constructed. These can be viewed by selecting Pooled Data in the Contaminant Selection box of the secondary toolbar. Sampling locations that only contain data from unincluded contaminants no longer appear.


3) Unincluded contaminants will no longer affect or be included in any Pooled Data operations.


Contaminants can be returned to the analysis at any time by accessing the Contaminant Manager and moving them back into the Included box.