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Maps Menu



Data Displays the data for the currently selected analyte.


Data Screen Displays the location of data points exceeding a particular screening value.


Point Risk Displays the point risk values for data points in a particular risk scenario.


Covariance Model Displays the covariance model map. See Spatial Correlation.


Grid Overlays data with the current grid system, as defined by the block parameters in the Control Panel.


Estimation Displays the map of concentration values produced by the current interpolation scheme.


Probability Displays the probability of blocks exceeding a specified value using ordinary kriging or indicator kriging.


Variance Displays the map of ordinary kriging variance values.


Risk Displays the risk contour map for a specified scenario and the current interpolation scheme.


Area of Concern Displays the areas if concern given the current interpolation scheme and decision framework.


Cost Displays the remedial cost/benefit curve for the current decision framework and interpolation scheme.


New Samples Displays the location of new samples based on secondary sampling schemes.