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Set Physical Parameters


A number of benchmarks are a function of site-specific physical parameters. The ability to Set Physical Parameters allows one to store this information within the SADA file and automatically modify screening benchmarks to reflect site-specific conditions.


Site-specific variables that may be stored in the SADA file include: Water Analysis Type, hardness, and pH for surface water and organic carbon content for sediment. They may be modified by selecting Configure Ecological Risk and then Set Physical Parameters from the Ecological menu.



The next window will display the current defaults for these parameters within your SADA file. You may adjust the values, but are restricted to certain applicable ranges:


• Hardness: 25-400 mg CaCO3/L

• pH: 3-11

• Organic Carbon Content 0-1.




Once you have made your changes, select OK. If the selected value is outside the range, then it will be restored to the default value and you may adjust it again, if necessary.