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Adding A New Contaminant


To add a new contaminant to an existing SADA file, select Tools and then Add A New Contaminant.



SADA responds with the following window.





Type the name of the new contaminant and CAS Number, if available. Select a media type from the drop down list and press OK. Note: If you type a contaminant name that already exists within the specified media type, you will now have two instances of this contaminant and the data are treated separately. If you have new data for an existing contaminant you should add it to the existing data through the data editor.


When you press OK, SADA will bring the data editor up. It will be empty, as there are no existing data for this contaminant. You must enter at least one sample value to successfully add a new contaminant.



After entering at least one sample value, press the Submit button. For more information on how to use this editor, see data editor. SADA will then add the contaminant and associated data to the existing file. As with all SADA results, you must save your SADA file to keep the new contaminant and data.