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Point Dose


This function displays dose calculations at each point based on the species and exposure assumptions. First, make sure that the analysis type is set to Ecological, the media type is set to Soil, and the desired contaminant is selected in the secondary toolbar.



From the Maps menu, select Point Dose.



Alternatively, you may select the point dose button from the main toolbar.



This will prompt you to select the species and exposure assumptions:



Select the species and exposure type using the drop down combo boxes. The exposure types are SSL, Female, Male, or Juvenile. Choosing SSL will use parameter values from EPA’s draft Eco-SSL guidance (EPA 2000), which represents data from males and females combined. Choosing Female or Male will restrict the parameter values to those for that gender. SADA does not currently provide parameter values for juveniles, but custom values can be entered via Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters.


Select the exposure pathway(s) and then press OK. SADA will now present the dose calculations.



If SADA was able to successfully calculate a pathway, then an (OK) will be after the pathway type in the title. If data is missing to calculate a pathway, then a (NA) will be shown. In the latter case, go to Set Terrestrial Contaminant Parameters or Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters to fix any missing parameter values (i.e., if (NA) is shown).