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Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters


SADA comes preloaded with default exposure parameters for a variety of wildlife receptors, including representative herbivores, insectivores, and carnivores. Defaults are provided for each parameter, but custom values can be entered in the Set Species-specific Terrestrial Exposure Parameters window. These parameters are used in modeling dose to each receptor from selected pathways.


To view (and change if desired) current exposure parameters, from the Ecological menu, select Configure Ecological Risk, and Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters.



From the resulting window, select a species and whether you want values for adult females, adult males, juveniles, or SSL. SSL follows EPA (2000) draft guidance for deriving ecological soil screening levels and combines data from adult males and adult females. While custom values can be entered for juveniles, SADA Version 3 does not include default values for juveniles.




To change a parameter value, click on the box corresponding to that parameter, and enter the value. It is very important to use the appropriate units for all parameters.


Food ingestion rate


Soil ingestion

Dermal Contact

Inhalation rate

Body weight

Area Use Factor

Wildlife Exposure Parameters: References