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Bugs and other "Features" in SADA 5

IMPORTANT!! If you have downloaded version 5.0.77 you MUST download 5.0.78 and install SADA 5 again. You do not need to uninstall Version 5.0.77 first. Just install 5.0.78 over it. When you are running the installation, if you are prompted for repair or remove, select repair. This version of SADA 5 will open your 5.0.77 files with no problems.

Version 5.0.77 was compiled with a compiler flag that made cerrtain features inaccessible and other simply terminate without explanation. Please do not delay in making this free and simple upgrade

The following is a list of known bugs in SADA 5.0.78 that we plan to correct in a near term release. They should not impede the use of the software. If you discover other problems with the code please let us know. Please remember that SADA is distributed as an "AS IS" software package (please review license agreement for details).


When producing a probability map based on simulations, the opportunity to select depth dependent or single criteria is missing. SADA is using the answer that the user provided last during another decision criteria event or the default value of single criteria if the user has engaged in no previous event.

During the post processing of simulations for joint probability summaries, if you enter an invalid value, SADA clears the value but does not report the nature of the error.

SADA won't properly store and recall the geostatistical simulation method. All important parameters are stored, but the simulation method reverts to indicator simulation.

Vertical Interpolation Point Not Saved

Interpolate and Place New Samples: SADA does not save a selection of At the Top for interpolate and place new samples. It reverts to In the Middle if I save, close, reopen.

Custom Values View

The custom values table is no longer editable. Custom values must be edited outside of SADA and reimported should changes need to be made. This was not an intended feature of SADA 5.0 and must be corrected.

You cannot resize the Custom Screening Window.

Engineering Annotations Window

In the engineering annotations window, the % height for the lower annotation should be constrained to 10-75. However, the user can enter values outside this range (e.g. 8) and it functions as expected. A similar problem seems to exist for % width. This does not create an error in the analysis but is inconsistent with the messaging.

In the engineering annotations window, the legend format (small legend type) doesn't work.

In the engineering annotations window, if you change the format for NAME to italic, the entire block in the upper right becomes italic.

Store Model to Editable Model Conversion

If you try to convert a stored model result to editable model, and use a name already in use. SADA asks as it should, but if you say yes, it asks two more times.


Polygon control - edit points window: When double clicking on a vertex, one gets the edit point window, but coordinates aren't exactly what is expected. You may notice this with manually entered coordinates, left polygon, then came back to same vertex, double clicked again, and saw coordinates were not what had just been entered. This is because the coordinates shown are where the actual clicked occurred but this is annoying.

Show only included polygons feature - saving a file with Show only included turned off (unincluded polygon showing gray in plot) then closing and reloading resets the Show Only to being selected (unincluded poly doesn't show in plot).

When a user double clicks in a vertex of an ellipse or a rectangle, an exact position box comes up. It isn't clear what is meant here for an ellipse. The user thinks they are changing the location of the vertex, but really, SADA is storing the center of the ellipse and radii in the class vertex locations.

If one clicks top or bottom side, whole rectangle becomes blue with circles for 4 vertices which is as it should be. But if you click on left or right side, either nothing happens or sliver of rectangle becomes blue, not whole rectangle.

GIS Tools

GIS Overlays--Rotate/stretch: Cancel does not terminate the rotate/stretch task. Message pops up saying it is terminated, but SADA remains in state with all geocode options except rotate/stretch disabled, and any click on the graphics window becomes the first point in the rotate/stretch.

Photo Tools Properties: If one changes shift, shrink, rotate, or color settings, save the file, close, and reopen, SADA resets all the settings to the defaults of 83.9848, 1, and yellow rather than keeping the changes. Note: the pin shows as the color that was saved, but the pinpoint color in Tools shows as yellow. If one says okay at the Tools window, the pin remains chosen color rather than changing to yellow.


In the format step, number formats option, the ####.#E+#### formats work/display erradically with for legend, horizontally, or vertical axis. Sometimes they literally render the format ####E+####.


In the autodocumentation of site extents, the max northing in site extent is incorrect and is always equal to the minimum site extent.

Spatial risk based criterion do not appear in the autodocumentation log info in the Results window.

Sample Design

Threhold radial- the documentation says that the by sample text box accepts a positive integer between zero and 360. This is not what was intended; should be angle increments between zero and 360.

Vertical Profile Window

In the vertical profile window, the print button works ok, but places a line between the result and the legend. Note though that the copy to clipboard doesn't. they should be using the same map append methods.

In the vertical profiles window, if you have a fixed legend, and in fact some of the profiles go more than the maximum. The separated part of the legend is cramped down onto the rest of the legend.

Progress Windows

For cross validation multiple progress forms appear and can't cancel without choosing the first cancel button on the first form that appears.

Vertical Layers

Vertical layers: When one tries to delete a layer design just created, the message "You must have one editable layer design at all times" appears. This is likely an older check feature that is no longer valid since the default two layers are both uneditable Entire Data Layer or Surface Only.

Export To File Step

Help does not take the user to the Export to File Step section of the Help file. It goes to Getting Started instead.

Export Point/Polygon to Shape

The export points to shape and export polygons to shape feature is not installing correctly. We are trying to troubleshoot this as quickly as possible.

Ecological risk

Configuring Ecological Risk: (1) if an invalid ecological benchmark database is selected, SADA responds with a series of errors and then presents the user with an opportunity to continue or quit. The users should always choose quit. If they choose continue, SADA will at some point crash creating the possibility of losing recently inputed data. We will correct this with a better error trap for selection of improper databases. (2) When rematching a single contaminant, you can't rematch a contaminant to a contaminant that already exists in the data set without creating an UEE: Changes requested not successful because they would create duplicate values in index, primary key, or relationship. Should be able to have such matches.

Browse from Table: The help button goes to media benchmark section, should go to Browse Benchmarks from Table section.

Browse Histogram: Position and size of title in the browse histogram window: size of text in the text box doesn't change for title.

Show Daily Exposure Dose: On the Show Daily Exposure Dose window, the help button takes you to Biota eco benchmarks; should take you to Terrestrial Daily Exposure Dose.

Check Eco Version: the reported number of benchmarks available for each media types is incorrect.

Benchmark Tables: (1) Note that two analytes matched to same analyte appear as one record in table rather than two. (i.e., U-234 and U-233/234 matched to U-234 appear separately on data set list but as one in pooled data table). (2) Also pH range listed at 0-14. SADA accepts 0.01, but it does not accept 0.001 or 0. (3) Benchmark table Help button goes to media benchmark section, should go to Ecological Benchmark Screening main page.

Contoured Risk Map

For pooled summed risk maps (and for any downstream feature that uses them such as AOC or sample design) SADA fully check that each individual geospatial model is fully complete. Rather it just suddenly quits with no explanation. The crash is non-fatal but is obvious. A user who is checking all parameters would recognize what to do, a more novice user might not.


This can't be all there is!!

Probably not - but that's what we know about now. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected in an analysis but technically aren't bugs. Particularly, in the geospatial analysis where numerical methods and approaches might be used inappropriately. For these kinds of things check out our tech support.



Bugs and other "Features" in SADA 4.1.50

Ok, a bit humiliating, but here is a list of errs (just kidding its spelled errors) encountered with 4.1.50. We will try and release a version soon that corrects some of the more obnoxious problems. In the meantime, we want users to be aware of what is going on. Please be patient as we strive to make SADA a better product. If you have any other known problems, please send us an email being as descriptive as possible concerning the nature of the error and the events that led up to the error.

We are planning a release of SADA on June 7th, 2000 (4.1.60) that will correct the mass volume and the MARSSIM errors listed below.

SADA doesn't work with European decimal = , setting

You will have to set your regional settings such that decimal = "." Please see tech support. This manifests itself in all sorts of weird ways. If you're on the other side of the pond, make sure you set this first. This likely will not get fixed unless we get some Euros from our good friends over there. (hint, hint)

SADA Mass and Volume calculation are wrong when density <> 1

This is a serious mistake and we want users to be aware of it. If you use a density parameter greater than 1 in your set decision criteria step, SADA will report erroneous volume and mass numbers. The spatial extent of the area of concern is still correct, the number of blocks to remediate will still be correct but both the volume and mass will be wrong. If you use a density = 1 (default), no worries. If density <> 1 then what really happens is your volume estimate is really your mass estimate and your mass estimate is just wrong. In particular, suppose you only had to clean 1 block that was 1ft x 1ft x 1ft. Then

density =1, number of blocks to clean = 1, volume = 1, mass = 1 (this is correct)
density =2, number of blocks to clean = 2, volume = 2, mass = 4 (this is wrong)

For now, always use density of 1. If you need to estimate mass, then in SADA the mass is calculated (when done correctly) by just multiplying your density parameter times your volume. Do this outside SADA.

MARSSIM Module Step 4 WRS Test

In the SADA MARSSIM assessment, the Wilcoxon Rank Sum (WRS) test implemented by SADA under some circumstances contains an error. Specifically, SADA compares survey data to background rather than comparing survey data minus background to the DCGL when the WRS test is implemented. This is a later step in the MARSSIM process and could result in a survey unit being flagged as containing residual radioactivity in excess of the release criterion when a proper implementation of MARSSIM would show that the site does not contain residual radioactivity. This error will apply only to users with a survey site that meet the following conditions:

  • The survey is for radionuclides in the survey unit that are associated with a background data set (hence the need for a WRS test instead of the Sign Test),

  • The site contains survey concentrations that are above the DCGLw,

  • The maximum of the survey concentrations minus the minimum of the background exceeds the DCGLw,

  • The mean of the survey concentrations minus the mean of the background is less than the DCGLw,

  • A WRS test indicates that the survey data exceeds background *and* a WRS test of the survey data minus background versus the DCGLw does not show an exceedance,

  • Elevated Measurement comparisons do not show an exceedance of the DCGLemc at the survey unit.

  • Under these circumstances, SADA may classify a site as containing residual radioactivity when the MARSSIM process should say otherwise. While we believe that the possibility of a site producing data that would fit the above criteria is very small, we recommend that SADA/MARSSIM users review any site assessment where these circumstances apply.

    SADA crashes while moving judgmental sampling points

    This is our famous "ghost" error. We haven't been able reproduce it in a development environment. But we know its real because it always happens to us in TRAINING! In V5, the entire internal managment of judgmental design points is changing so perhaps this will "exorcise" our ghost bug.

    Switching to Pooled Data and then back again and i lose most of my interview options

    Sometimes, when you switch to Pooled data, SADA correctly limits the number of options in the interview box to those things you can do over all contaminants given the analysis you currently have selected. But then when you switch back to a single contaminant, SADA doesn't bring all those nice options back. Truth is SADA gets stuck and you have to rattle its cage a bit. to do this, just toggle the media or the analysis and it comes back. Fortunately, no errors are created just bewilderment.

    Help file and Vista....

    If you opened SADA in Microsoft Vista and tried to use the help file you know it doesn't work. Well both you and SADA are not alone. Apparently Microsoft has elected to no longer directly support all former help file formats. We've checked into it and some of the big help file software creaters like Robohelp are scrambling to respond to this. In the meantime, Vista offers a way to get some fix online and make it work. At this point, that's all we know to do.

    ROSE diagram will not export to a csv

    With a rose or variogram map up, the export to csv file doesn't export anything.

    Data editor buttons don't move when you resize the page

    On the data import data editor page. Certain buttons don't move their position when you change the size of the form.

    Labels on data plots don't format according to Legend Format

    The formating of "plotted values" doesn't respond to or isn't in sync with the legend format.

    Sometimes when I go to legend manager, its empty and asks me to add a new one. Then it dies.

    Yep. We know. This is another famous ghost error, but we think we caugt it in time for V5.

    This can't be all there is!!

    Probably not - but that's what we know about now. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected in an analysis but technically aren't bugs. Particularly, in the geospatial analysis where numerical methods and approaches might be used inappropriately. For these kinds of things check out our tech support.

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