Interviews are an important component of SADA Version 4. This list box displays all the functions that can be performed on a data set based on the analysis, data type, and data name combination. Note that the interviews listed will change when a different analysis or data type is selected.

The following list represents all the possible interviews in SADA. Select an interview for more specific information.

   Calculate Cost Versus Cleanup

   Calculate Cost vs. Cleanup Based on soft Data Only

   Develop a Sample Design

   Develop a MARSSIM Sample Design

   Display Empty Plot

   Draw a Contoured Eco Dose Map

   Draw a Contoured Risk Map

   Draw a Data Screen Map

   Draw a LISA Map

   Draw a Point Risk Map

   Draw a Probability Map

   Draw a Variance Map

   Draw an AOC Map Based on Soft Data Only

   Draw an Area of Concern Map

   Draw an Eco Point Dose Map

Interpolate My Data

   Model Spatial Correlation

   Plot My Data

   Update My Prior Probability Map

   Update My Prior Variance Map

   View My Initial Probability Map

   View My Initial Variance Map