Draw a Contoured Eco Dose Map - Interview


This interview is only available for ecological analyses with unpooled data.


These are the steps that display in the Steps Window when this interview is selected. Click on the links below for more details about the following steps.

1. See the data

2. Set up the site

3. Set GIS overlays

4. Set grid specs

5. Interpolation methods

6. Correlation modeling (only available if OK or IK is selected under Interpolation method)

7. Search neighborhood (only available if OK, IK, or Inverse Distance is selected under Interpolation method)

8. Show the results

9. Cross validation

10. Format picture

11. Auto-document

12. Add to results gallery

When Show the results is selected, SADA will prompt the user to select the species and exposure assumptions:


Select the species and exposure type using the drop down combo boxes. The exposure types are SSL, Female, Male, or Juvenile. Choosing SSL will use parameter values from EPAs draft Eco-SSL guidance (EPA 2000), which represents data from males and females combined. Choosing Female or Male will restrict the parameter values to those for that gender. SADA does not currently provide parameter values for juveniles, but custom values can be entered via Set Terrestrial Exposure Parameters.

Select the exposure pathway(s) and then press OK. SADA will now present the contoured dose results.