Interpolate My Data - Interview

This interview presents the map of modeled concentration values for the selected contaminant based on the interpolation scheme selected in the Interpolation method step.


This interview is available for all analyses that have sampled data (unpooled only), with all data types except Geobayesian.


These are the steps that display in the Steps Window when this interview is selected. Click on the links below for more details about the following steps.

1. See the data

2. Set up the site

3. Set GIS Overlays

4. Set grid specs

5. Interpolation methods

6. Correlation Modeling (only available if OK or IK is selected under Interpolation method)

7. Search neighborhood (only available if OK, IK, or Inverse Distance is selected under Interpolation method)

8. Show the results

9. Cross validation

10. Format picture

11. Auto-document

12. Add to results gallery

After entering all the necessary parameters for each step, press Show the Results. The following image shows a sample estimates map for Arsenic.