Add To Results Gallery - Step

SADA Version 4 provides a results gallery. This gallery acts almost like a camera, providing is a way for users to save particular instances (modeled results, interpolation scheme parameters, GIS overlays, vertical layers, etc.) within a SADA file. These results may then be accessed at any time by selecting the results from the results gallery. This is available for all interviews with sampled data (it is not available for empty SADA files).

Select Add to results gallery from the Steps Window. SADA presents the following in the Parameters Window.


Enter a new name for the result and press Add.

Note: All previously created results will be listed in this window.

SADA will display a message that the result has been successfully added.


The result may now be viewed at any time in the Graphics Window by selecting Results gallery from the Data Type box and the applicable result from the Data Name box.

image\v4ht0090.gif image\v4ht0091.gif

Note: When SADA stores the results it must also record the layer design in place at the time. This is done by making a replica of the design and naming it Result Gallery ID XXXXXXXX. This is a fixed design and cannot be edited. Users can use this design in other applications but it is not recommended as it cannot be edited. For more information on layer designs see Set Vertical Layers.