Pooling Data

SADA provides a way for the user to apply modeling and summarization applications to all contaminants within a particular data type at once. This capability is available by selecting Pooled Data from the Data Name box (see SADA Layout). Pooled data produces a data plot that shows every sample location for every contaminant included in the analysis for the current data type. (See Contaminant Manager for information about including/excluding contaminants.) Notice that there is no legend associated with this plot. These data plots essentially demonstrate the distribution of information locations across space.


The Information and Statistics buttons are available and will produce tabular results for all contaminants; however, the user may not exclude any type of contaminant (rad, nonrad, unregistered) here without explicitly removing it from the list of included contaminants in Contaminant Manager. The only interviews available for pooled data are Plot my data and Develop a sample design. Human health analyses offer a few more interviews.

Pooled data sources may extend over both radionuclides and nonradionuclides and may be modeled with varying interpolation schemes.