Views Tab


The Views tab is used to access and save custom 3D views.  The saved views are stored in the associated SADA file.  Note that the point/interpolation data are not stored as part of the view.

Save Current View
Clicking this button will allow you to save the current settings with respect to view orientation, point options, scaling options, etc.  You will be prompted to enter a name for the view, and you can add a comment that will be stored along with the view.  Once a view has been saved, it will show up in the list under
Saved Views.

Load Selected View
This button will load the currently selected view and apply it to the 3D rendering.

Delete Selected View
This button will delete the currently selected view from the SADA file. It will not affect the figure currently being rendered.

Saved Views
This box will contain a list of all of the views stored in the current SADA file.

Import View from File
Click this button to pick a file from which to load a view.  Only files created with the 3D viewer can be loaded.

Export Selected View to File
Click this button to export the current selected view (in the
Saved Views list) into a file.  This file can be then imported with the 3D viewer.