True Three Dimensional Rendering

To view the true three dimensional rendering, select View True 3d from the Graphics menu. SADA will add the three-dimensional rendering results view to the regular layering view in the Graphics Window. You can make changes to the layering view, and the three-dimensional view will be updated (e.g. polygons, formatting, etc.).

SADA presents the three-dimensional results in three different ways: points blocks, and isosurfaces.

At the top of the 3d viewer are six toolbar buttons.


Print prints a copy of the current view.


Copy copies the current view to clipboard.


Save saves the current view to file (jpg format).


Def. View resets the view to the default.


Opts presents the Options Form for the 3d viewer.


Redraw Image redraws all for current view (do this after changing the view). This will take longer to render than when the object is being moved.