Rematch Single Ecological Contaminant

If you would like to change a reference for a particular contaminant in the ecological risk setup, you may rematch a single contaminant. Make sure that your analysis type is set to Ecological.

From the Ecological menu, select Configure Ecological Risk and then Rematch A Contaminant, as shown in the following image.


Select a media type and the contaminant choice from the following window. Press OK.


You will then be prompted to enter the most recent eco_toxdata.mdb file as a source for new contaminant information. When the correct file has been selected, press Open.


A form will then be shown of all the available choices for re-matching. It is displayed in CAS Number order, so you may either select the desired contaminant or type in the contaminant name to be matched on the entry line in order to quickly find the appropriate re-link.


Pressing Select will then conclude the Rematch Single Contaminant task and the appropriate information will be updated in the SADA file. If the number of contaminants to re-link is high, it may be more efficient to rerun the Ecological Risk Setup.