Installing SADA

Before installing SADA, check for the following minimal requirements:

CPU:  Pentium II

Disk Space: 400 MB

RAM:  64 MB

OS:   Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, NT 4.0 (SP4 and higher), 2000, ME, XP

Clock:  200 MHz

These requirements, however, are recommended to enhance performance of geospatial analyses:

CPU:  Pentium IV or higher

Disk Space: 1 GB

RAM:  256 MB or higher

OS:   Windows 2000, XP

Clock:  1 GHz


To install SADA from a disk or CD:

1.  Place disk 1 (or CDROM) into the drive.

2.  Press the Start Button on the Windows bar and select Run . . .

3. In the run box, type a:\setup (note your drive may have a different specification than "a:", particularly for the CDROM drive).

4.  Follow the directions in the setup program.


To install SADA from the web download, double click the setup executable file in windows explorer and follow the directions.