Draw/Edit Prior - Step

This step is available for the following interviews: View My Initial Probability Map, View My Initial Variance Map, Draw an Area of Concern Map Based on Soft Data Only, Calculate Cost versus Cleanup Based on Soft Data Only, Develop a Sample Design

Select Draw/Edit Prior from the Steps Window and then Click Here to Change Your Prior from the Parameters Window to adjust the prior information. The following window appears.


Select the probability on the right side of the window and use the paint buttons on the toolbar to "paint" professional judgment information onto the site.

Note: for 3d data, use the layer box on the top of the window to select each layer and paint each separately.


(Note: the graph on the far right displays the beta distribution associated with the selected probability.) Polygons may be used to further define the site, if applicable. Press Done when finished.

SADA now displays the prior probability map in the Graphics Window.