Caption Formulas

A caption formula is a string enclosed by the Pipe symbol (|) that will evaluate a text value during the plotting process. To begin a caption formula, place your cursor in the Caption entry box and type in a (|) symbol. Type in the name of one of these formula strings and complete with a (|) symbol again. Only one formula string per (|) enclosure is allowed.

The type of formula strings available depend on the type of graphic that is displayed. For example, a risk formula string would not be available for formatting probability maps.

The following is a list of formula strings and what they will evaluate.

Benchmark Name  The currently selected ecological benchmark name

Benchmark Value  The currently selected ecological benchmark value

Custom Criteria Name The currently selected custom criteria name

Custom Criteria Value The currently selected custom criteria value

Layer Value  The current layer (3D only)

Database Direction  The easting, northing, and depth titles as defined by the import column headers

SADA Direction  SADA's titles for easting, northing, and depth

Analyte Name  The current contaminant name

Interpolant  The current interpolation scheme

Media   The current media type

Date   The date

Time   The system time plus the date

CAS Number  The current contaminant CAS number  

Scenario   The current risk scenario

Pathway   The current risk pathway

Carc/Noncarc  "Carc" if carcinogen, "Noncarc" if noncarcinogen

Age   The receptors age (Child, Adult, or Both)

Decision Scale  Block scale or site scale

Decision Basis  Analysis Based Option or Concentration Option

IK Cutoff Value  The current Indicator Kriging cutoff threshold

Sample Scheme The current Sampling Scheme that exists in the Graphics Window