Browse Benchmark Table

In order to browse a table for a particular contaminant, select Browse and then Benchmark Table From from the Ecological menu.


The resulting form prompts for the source data file. Select eco_toxdata.mdb, which should be in your root SADA file directory (typically C:/Program Files/SADA/).


Select Open and the Browse form will appear. Select a contaminant and media combination that you wish to view all benchmarks for. It is also possible to select multiple contaminants by holding down the Control key while selecting contaminants. The following example shows soil benchmarks for Arsenic, Anthracene, and Barium.


Press OK to bring up an empty table of benchmarks. Click Done to close this window.



A number of checkboxes are available in this window. Each box represents a different benchmark source. A more complete description of each source is available by holding the mouse over the benchmark name for a moment or by searching this help file. Check the boxes for the benchmarks that you wish to view, and they will be displayed in table format in the bottom of this window.

The buttons on the toolbar at the top allow a number of different operations to be performed with this data:


Print Prints the data set.


Copy to File Saves the data set in comma-delimited format.


Add to Report Adds information to an auto-documentation report.


Copy to Clipboard Copies information to the clipboard. It may then be pasted into most Windows applications.


Export to Excel Open an instance of and export the information to Excel.